Novice Forklift Training Nottingham, Derby, Loughborough, Sheffield, Chesterfield & Surrounding Areas

Professional competitively priced training on your premises

Novice Training

Who will benefit:
Designed for candidates with no previous experience driving a forklift truck.
Successful candidates will gain suitable and sufficient understanding of current health and safety legislation, best practice and the safe use of a forklift truck.

What will they gain:
Sufficient knowledge and understanding of current legislation, best practice and safe use of a forklift truck in line with manufacturers instruction and HSE approval.

What is the course duration:

Novice training requires 3 days minimum.

Introduction to the course
Health & Safety
Operators safety videos
Truck controls & instruments
Simple truck manoeuvring
Battery care & charging

Pre use inspections
Advance truck manoeuvring
Truck stability & capacity rating
Hydraulic systems
Load handling
Vehicle loading & unloading

Load handling
Advanced truck manoeuvring
Load weight assessment
Racking systems
Mock testing
Theory test
Pre use test
Practical test

Professional competitively priced training on your premises

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